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Project Description

Provincia di Salerno


VIA ROMA 104, 84100, SALERNO, Campania

Province of Salerno is located on an area of about 5000 kmq and represents the most extended Province of Campania. Province of Salerno counts 158 Municipalities.

The territory in Province of Salerno is considerably varied, both from a naturalist point of view and on the socio-economic aspect.

The public, national, regional intervention has enhanced the growing promotion of territory and of its peculiarities, focusing on initiatives of a collective nature aimed to the creation of “value” and “abundance” for community of citizens, companies and local institutions, with particular reference to young target.

Tourism is a leading sector and the Province comprises many touristic locations such as Amalfi coast, Salerno Gulf, Cilento, Agro Picentini Mountains, all famous worldwide for the impressive naturalistic and cultural heritage and for tangible and intangible anthropological heritage.

Among the main competences regarding the Province of Salerno there are: Upper Schools building and maintenance, county road building and maintenance, environmental safeguard, local development promotion, technological innovation.

Within its own competences the Province of Salerno, institution of extended area, has a strengthened connection with territory and a strong relationship with Upper Schools, guaranteeing a high involvement of youth.

The Province of Salerno has considerable competences in professional training and education field and from many years is involved in young policies sector, aimed to increase skills.

Moreover, the Province of Salerno has strengthened experiences in ICT field.

Within realized projects the themes faced in the past match to local young target needs and to implementation of training/educational paths that were inspired from a local planned governance

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