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On 11 April 2019, starting at 10.00, at the Palazzo S. Agostino, head office of the Province of Salerno, it will take place the final conference of the Erasmus + project, entitled “YOUTH SUCCESSors – Capacity Building for Cultural and Territorial Heritage Promotion”.

YOUTH SUCCESSors is a project coordinated by Cosvitec, in partnership with the Province of Salerno, and with a consortium of partners from Spain, Greece and Argentina. It offered young people important opportunities for interchange and training on skills related to entrepreneurship and to the promotion of cultural heritage, encouraging cooperation between EU member states and South America.

The event is an important opportunity to develop cooperation initiatives aimed at one or more sectors of education, training and youth and to promote innovation, the exchange of experiences and know-how between different types of organizations involved in the education and training sectors.


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