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Youth-Successors   •   December 29, 2017

pictures- Start Youth-SUCCESS Project

Cosvitec Università & Impresa will coordinate the KA2 Capacity Building Project:
“YOUTH SUCCESSors: CAPACITY BUILDING FOR CULTURAL AND TERRITORIAL HERITAGE PROMOTION”- Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Our project partners:  Magenta Consultoría Projects4-ElementsProvincia di Salerno and Municipalidad de Armstrong will cooperate with us in order to create new opportunities for youth workers and young people from Italy, Spain, Greece and Argentina.

In the next 16 months, we will be discovering our cultural and natural heritage and we will meet associations, start-ups and cooperatives working in order to promote their countries, their traditions, their history and their culture all over the world.

We will involve youth workers and young people in a training and exchange transnational path, approaching new training methodologies and learning more about entrepreneurial skills.

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